This week went rough. While everything was fun, creative, and new I had the hardest time trying to set up my blog and the website was confusing. I’m still trying to iron out some kinks. I enjoyed editing photos for the visual assignments and the TDC is a great way to keep us on our toes. Throughout the week I learned a lot about the virtual world, especially when it comes to editing. A simple edit can change an entire story behind an image, and that baffles me. If I could change anything about this week I would have a magical genie to set up my blog page perfectly for me so all I had to do was pick a cool color for my backdrop. I truly struggled with formatting of the pages inside the blog.

What I need help on:

  • How do you organize the posts so they are posted into the appropriate page and not the home page?
  • Posting to specific pages in my blog not the homepage.

I only centered by first week of blogging on one real larger issue and that was the legalization of marijuana. Most of my posts were pretty lighthearted and sarcastic, but just scratching the surface. The one post I created on the legalization of marijuana was meant to further the opportunities such a thing could offer such as effecting how society will vote in elections and it could boost the economy if legalized.

I hope I was able to complete everything in the correct format, if not please leave feedback on what I could improve or just needs to be changed. Looking forward to another week of creativity!


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