Color Changer (2 stars)


The Story

This photo illustrates the takeover of the United States and the world, by a new alien species in the year 2078. The alien species announced their arrival by changing the sky from the reassuring blue we once called normal to a bright crimson red. It all began on a day in July in 2078, the sky was clear and the sun was shining. Slowly the sky turned that day into this fearful red. The alien population descended from the sky, children and mothers were screaming and running, the military was too slow to react and the head alien, Kimosabi, killed Obama and the entire administration leaving the American people leaderless and helpless to their control.

The Process, Narrated

This began with after I watched half of a Star Wars movie. I googled an image of the US Capitol building and then saved it. Using I opened the image and adjusted the contrast and increased the red levels in the color balance to adjust the sky. I then uploaded the finalized image to Flickr and then to my blog.