My previous and current photography is very limited to the use my iPhone camera and sometimes my family’s digital camera. I take very minimal amount of pictures usually of my family, friends, and places that I visit. Also, I take pictures of stuff I find funny or amusing. Like if a friend of mine does something embarrassing I would take a quick picture on my iPhone. My approach in taking photos is to stabilize or focus the camera so the photo wont come out blurry, make sure the flash is on if there is not enough light in the frame of the picture, and I will usually take three at a time and keep the best of the three and delete the remaining two. Sometimes if the people are having a good time I will try to capture them in the moment so the picture looks like they’re in the moment and not just posing for the camera. I think I’m successful at this tactic because I won’t let them know I’m taking a picture of them so it comes out like it happened in time. After reviewing the resources and videos provided to me I believe I should try to take photos at different angles because if you take photos at different angles its like a different point of view of how the photo happened and people can view the photo with a different meaning.