My Very Own Spubble (2 stars)

Your Very Own Spubble

The Story

Every year my family ventures into Glyndon, MD for the Fourth of July. Dozens of family members join together to partake in a multitude of activities, amongst  the most competitive are my father and I. Each year there is a homemade mini golf course, a Wiffle ball game, and an intense game of egg toss for the extended family to compete in. The winner of the final egg toss game received bragging rights until the next year. This photograph captures a moment in that historically competitive game this past year. It was down to three pairs. At this point in the game each pair must go one at a time to increase the stress of a simple toss. My cousins, Alex and Ben, were first to toss their egg the 20 yard distance and luckily Alex was overthrown and the egg burst on impact. It was down to my dad and I. My cousin, Jordy, and I were up first; a perfect toss gave us a definite spot in the next round, and possibly the game. My uncle and father were the ultimate partners, they had a stellar record from previous years. This photograph captures the exact moment before my dad caught the egg, but it broke in his hand.

The Process, Narrated

This project began with my research into photograph editing apps that led me to the discovery of an app called “Bubblee”. This app was able to access my photo-bank on my phone which allowed me to select a specific photo for editing. Once the photo was selected I was able to drag-and-place a speech bubble anywhere on the image. The speech bubble has a automatic setting to change the size of the font in the bubble to fit. I then typed in the quote I wanted in the bubble and then saved it to my photos. Finally, I transferred it to Flickr via an upload from my phone and then placed it into this assignment.