Here Kitty, Kitty (3 stars)


The Story

 For this assignment, I wanted to think of the two strongest animals in the wild. So automatically, I chose the gorilla and the lion. Here is an image of what I think the two would look like if they were genetically capable of reproducing offspring. This new hybrid lives in the forests like its gorilla ancestors yet hunts in the grasslands like its lion ancestors. It has immense strength and lives in packs. It is fearless, and most feared in the wild. However, since the majority of the body is gorilla, it lacks the ability to blend with the tall grasses and is slower than the lions.

The Process, Narated

To create the image of a hybrid I needed to use a photoshop website called which is similar to adobe photoshop. First, I found gorilla and lion pictures via google and then created two layers in the workshop. I made the gorilla the background layer and edited the lion to make them mesh. I began by erasing the background of the lion picture to only have the head and mane remaining. Then, I moved the lion head to match the location of the gorilla head, desaturated the lion head to make it greyscale and merged the layers together to create a single image. I then saved the image, uploaded it to Flickr and then transferred it into my blog.