Once upon a time a senior in high school from Akron, Ohio got drafted number one overall to his favorite NBA team the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was considered the savior of the franchise. People from Cleveland considered him the chosen one to finally bring Cleveland a championship. His first years in the league he really made a big impact on the team. Everyone in Cleveland watched basketball because of LeBron James. They’re were posters all over the city just like the one right below.

I used the Sports Poster visual assignment to show how the people of Cleveland loved LeBron James in just his first couple of seasons. One of the most famous sayings in Cleveland at this time was “We are all witnesses”.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 4.39.56 PM

He was an all star every season his been in the league. He brought them to the playoffs single handedly every year. By his sixth season on Cavaliers he one his first league MVP and brought them to there first NBA finals appearance because of game winning shots like this.

I used the Highlight Reel Animated GIF assignment to show a game winning shot LeBron made at the buzzer. This was the semi finals game against the Orlando Magic and the Cavaliers were down by two. Instead of LeBron shooting a two to force overtime he decided to go for the win and hit a three pointer.


They ended up losing the finals that year to the San Antonio Spurs. The next year he was heading into his final year of his contract with Cleveland. LeBron led them to NBA finals once again and lost to the Boston Celtics. After one month he could now sign with any team he wanted. No one ever thought LeBron was going to leave Cleveland. Than he made “The Decision”.

I used the Compilation Video Video assignment to show LeBron making the “The Decision” to leave Cleveland and join the Miami Heat. He thought it gave him the best chance to win multiple championships. After “The Decision” everyone in Cleveland was stunned and they instantly hated there sports hero. This video also shows the fans reaction right after he made his decision to leave Cleveland.

After his second season with Miami he won his first championship with the Heat. Everyone in Cleveland was heartbroken to see there sports hero hold up the championship trophy and the finals MVP trophy with a different team.

I used the Sports Heroes Animated GIF assignment to show the LeBron holding and then hugging his first finals trophy with the Miami Heat. Everyone in Cleveland was rooting against him hoping he would fail once again but they were all heartbroken to see him win in any city besides Cleveland.


After four years with the Miami Heat and winning two NBA championships his contract was once against over. He had to the choice to join any team he wanted to. No one really thought he would come back to Cleveland but he decided to come back to his home town to bring them a championship they have been waiting for.

I used the Motivational Poster design assignment to show his loyalty to Cleveland and all his fans. In this poster you can see his teammates from Cleveland and the fans of Cleveland welcoming him back and ready to fight for that championship trophy.



In his second year returning to the team they won the 2016 NBA finals. LeBron won the MVP of the year and the MVP of the finals. Everyone loved him again and it seemed like he never left them. He finish his career in Cleveland and won two more championships adding to his total of five career championships. He got inducted into the NBA hall of fame and gave his hall of fame speech in Cleveland. Cleveland also retired his jersey and is known as the greatest basketball player ever to play in Cleveland and one of the greatest in NBA history.