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Weekly Summary #5

Week 5 Summary: Wow! I can’t believe I’m actually done with this course! I feel like I completed both the final project and the second tutorial very well. Nothing really gave me trouble this week other than the fact it was shorter. I really enjoyed the final project. Most of it was true but a little bit of the story I made up since it is a story class not a nonfictional class. I learned a lot throughout this course. The main thing I learned and I will probably use the most is how to make videos and getting the clips off YouTube to do so. I don’t believe I would do anything different and I don’t have any question since the class is over. I don’t think there’s any larger issues’ surrounding this weeks work unless you consider LeBron breaking fans hearts by leaving them. I really enjoyed this class a lot!

Final Project

  1. Final Project: LeBron James Story

Summary: For this final project I decided to a story about LeBron James’ career in Cleveland. I talked about how everyone went from loving him to hating him to loving him once again. He’s one of the greatest players ever to play the game and he made a mistake in his mind leaving Cleveland.

Create two Tutorials

  1. Tutorial Blog Post: Tutorial #2: Highlight Reel

Summary: This tutorial is for an animated GIF assignment. You have to make a GIF about any sports highlight that you want to be played over and over again. This tutorial is a step-by-step process of how to make this GIF using Youtube and Make a GIF. I used screenshot to make it easy to follow as well I cropped them out to make them more focused on what I want people to see.

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Summary of comments: I learned a lot at looking at other people’s blog post throughout the course. You get to see what other people did for the same assignments you completed and how they decided to approach the same task differently. I really enjoyed looking at everyone’s final projects as well. I thought everyone did a great job on them.

Week 4 Summary

Week 4 Summary:

I feel this week went by pretty quick and that I completed all the assignments very well. The only thing that gave me trouble was on my second video assignment about making highlights of your favorite actor/actress. The requirements for time seemed to be not enough for what I wanted to do so I ended up going a little over one minute. I enjoyed the first video assignment most because it was enjoyable picking highlights of Blake Griffin. I learned how to make videos and how to save and edit preexisting YouTube videos. The only thing I wish I did differently was start early this week but I was out of town on Monday and Tuesday. As of now I have no questions. One larger issue surrounding my work might be how people can be influence by watching videos. They can influence how people view the world and can change their thoughts about things. Like watching the news can influence you in taking action into something when you normally wouldn’t do something.

Reading Movies:

  1. Reading Movies


The first reading by Ebert taught me that the placement of a character on the screen helps the audience develop a theory of what the relationships are and what is happening between the lines spoken by actors. The second part of the assignment consisted of watching two videos. The first was a clip of Alfred Hitchcock demonstrating how film cuts could change how we view a character, even if the only thing affected is the middle scene. He used a clip made of two close-ups, one of a man and the other of a woman. Originally, the woman is holding a child so when the screen flips to his facial expression and he smiles it creates one feeling in the audience. However when we exchange the woman for one in a bikini but keep the same final image of his face, the audience gets an entirely different feeling of the man. The second clip demonstrated how one-view perspectives affect an audience and can make them feel like they are part of the movie they are watching.

Look, Listen Analyze Assignment

  1. Look Listen Analyze

Summary: For this assignment I picked the scene from Bruce Almighty. We had to watch the scene three times, the fist time without sound, second time just audio, and the third with both. This scene was about Bruce controlling Evan to do weird stuff while broadcasting on live TV. When minimizing one aspect of the video it was hard to tell what was going on. With both aspects you really get to enjoy the video and without one part it really takes away from the scene.

Video Assignments

  1. Blake Griffin Highlights

Summary: For this video assignment I had to make a video of highlights of my favorite athlete. I have a few favorite athletes but I decided to use Blake Griffin because almost every play he’s involved in is a highlight. He’s an incredible dunker and he’s not afraid to dunk over anyone. Even in college he was a powerful dunker but no one thought he was going to be able to dunk like he did in college in the NBA. He one the dunk contest that he played in but hasn’t done one since. Everyone wants to see him in one again because of the dunks he’s able to do in this video.

  1. Steve Carell Funny Moments

Summary: For this video assignment I had to make a video of highlights of my favorite actor or actress. When I read this I knew right away I was going to use Steve Carell for my video. He’s in both my favorite TV show and movie. In The Office he plays the role of the Manager. He shows us how not to run an office or company. During the show he’s the only one not getting anything done because he’s to busy goofing off. In Anchorman he plays the role of the weatherman. In both the movies he’s very dumb but everything he does or says is funny.

The Daily Create

  1. Photobomber

Summary: For this daily create I had to write a short story using as many new words that got added to the Oxford Dictionary. I used this Full List of new words added in June 2015 to create my story. I italicize my words that I used in my blog post and I ended up using six different words in my short story. I centered my story on a photobomber, which is a word from the list, and I just went from there looking for words I could use in the story.

  1. Hyperbolic Tiling

Summary: For this daily create I had to create a hyperbolic tile. I used a site they recommended Make your Own Hyperbolic Tiling, which allowed me to choose the border design and thee background color. Then I uploaded my rainbow image that I found on Google into the hyperbolic tile. I let the image spin around the tile for a few moments until I liked how it turns out and I clicked the stop button. I saved the image and uploaded it to Flickr. Finally, I then embedded into my blog post.

  1. Minions

Summary: For this daily create we had to draw a movie poster using markers. I decided to do the movie Minions. They’re easy to draw and they’re funny. I just saw the movie last night in the theater. I uploaded my picture to Flickr then I embedded it into my blog post.
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Summary of comments: Looking at everyone else’s blog posts you get to see a different perspective of other people’s work. I like how almost everyone did the hyperbolic tilings. They are all so different by the way they’re designed and the colors that were used. It was nice to see everyone’s videos as well because they were all nicely done and you get to see what other people’s interests are.  It’s also helpful to see what steps they took in completing each assignment.

Create two Tutorials

  1. Tutorial Blog Post: Tutorial #1: Celebrating Too Early (2 Stars)

Summary: This tutorial is for an animated GIF assignment. You have to make a GIF about someone celebrating too early. This tutorial is a step-by-step process of how to make this GIF using Youtube and Make a GIF. I used screenshot to make it easy to follow as well I cropped them out to make them more focused on what I want people to see.

Week 3 Summary

Week 3 Summary:

Week 3 wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I feel I completed all the assignments very well. The Audio Assignments probably gave me the most trouble this week because this was the first time I have done something like this on a computer. It was hard to find which ones I like and how to record and edit your recordings. My favorite thing this week was the hand and paper drawing Daily Create. It was kind of cool to see that most people completed it and all the different ideas people had for that assignment. I learned this week a lot of different audio techniques you can use to tell your story. From this week I actually don’t think I would do differently because I feel very confident in the assignments I completed. As of now I don’t have any questions to ask either. I can’t think of any larger issues surrounding my work unless you count how hard it is to find a good story anymore and how important it is for storytellers to draw their listeners in by using different techniques.

Audio Storytelling

  1. Audio Storytelling Summary

Summary: The main thing I learned from Ira Glass is that by using an anecdote when telling a story even the most boring topic can become exciting to the listeners. It’s more like a cause and effect story instead of starting with a topic sentence. Glass when telling his stories makes its suspenseful even when it’s not a suspenseful story. From Jad Abumrad I learned that the goal of radio is to connect to the listeners and have them image what they’re hearing into images. He also believes radio will never die.

Radio Story

  1. Summary of the radio story

Summary: The radio story I listen to was How I Got Into College. I enjoyed some audio techniques the storyteller used but some I didn’t. The music and sound effects really distracted me while listening to this story. While on the other hand I really enjoyed the different tones the storyteller used telling the story. I just hope next time he won’t use background music because it didn’t really connect with me.

Audio Assignments

  1. Guess This Song!

Summary: For this assignment we had to post are favorite sing without the lyrics and see if anyone could guess it correctly. My song that I chose tends to be a song girls listen to more than guys. I heard it on the radio one summer and I listen to it pretty much for the rest of that summer. I still hear it the song sometimes but not that often anymore, but it’s still one of my favorite songs.

  1. My Order

Summary: For this assignment we had to make an order at a restaurant in any accent we wanted as well we had to be as picky as we could. I decided to try to use a Middle Eastern accent but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I thought I was able to be picky without giving the worker time to put all those special requests in. I was able to use audacity for this whole assignment and I just saved it as a audio recording so it would let me embed it into the post.

The Daily Create

  1. Handwriting (7/06)

Summary: This Daily Create was to pen a tweet. You had to write down the tweet on paper take a picture of it and tweet it. It was suppose to be on pen a tweet day but we missed it and it was a couple days late. The topic was about handwriting and my tweet asked if handwriting would worsen with stress, I chose this because I feel like when I’m stressed I write quicker but at the same time my handwriting gets sloppier.

  1. Shark Bait (7/08)

Summary: This Daily Create was a hand and paper drawing; this means I had to draw a small picture on paper and incorporate one finger on my hand into the image. I decided to draw a shark about to attack a human. First, I drew just a shark fin and half of a person panicking since the other half would be under water. On my finger I drew waves so when I took the picture of them together it looked like a shark in the ocean swimming after a person.

  1. My House (7/09)

Summary: This Daily Create was a basic element drawing. We had to draw a picture by just using five different elements that included: circles, triangles, squares, lines, and dots. I decided to draw a picture of my house including the background. I was able to incorporate every element and some elements I was able to use more than once. The trees and bushes were a little difficult because I wanted to include branches so I had to use lines for them.

  1. Two Moons (7/12)

Summary: This Daily Create was called Franklin drinker’s dictionary inspiration. We had to draw a picture from one of the phrases in Franklin Drinker’s Dictionary. I chose the two moons because I thought it would look cool in the background of Tun Tavern, Franklins favorite place to drink and relax.
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Summary of comments:

From viewing and commenting on other people’s blog post I got a different view of other people’s processes on the approach of their assignments. For The Daily Create on 7/09 I notice a few other people drew a house for this assignment. From listening to an assignment on Court’s View I like how she incorporated a sound affect into her cheesy commercial. It was a good audio technique that helps tell her story and it kind of catches you off guard.

Make two Assignments

  1. Design Assignment: Customize A Pair Of Shoes (3 Stars)

Summary: For this design assignment I created, you need to customize your own pair of shoes. First, you have to find a pair of shoes that you want to customize and then save that picture to create a “before” picture. Next, you can use any software or site you want to in order to customize the shoes. You have to make sure that there were no original colors visible by the end of the edit, so it might be easier to pick an all white shoe. Once you finish customizing the shoe you have to put the original picture as the “before” and the new shoe as the “after” so we can see the difference. Once you have the final picture make sure you embed the picture into your post.

  1. AnimatedGIF Assignments: Celebrating Too Early (2 Stars)

Summary: For this animated GIF assignment I created, you have to make a GIF of someone celebrating too early. You can use any software or site to make this assignment but I recommend using Make a GIF to easily make your GIF. I used Youtube to upload my video to Make a GIF and it allowed me to change the start and end time and to add tags. Once you finish making the GIF make sure you embed the GIF to your post.

Week Two Summary

Week two was not as bad as the first week. I believe I completed all the assignments very well. Some of them took more time then others. The DesignBlitz took me the whole week and gave me the most trouble because I wanted to let the whole week past before I decided on my four photos. I defiantly enjoyed the GIF assignments the most because I got to look through highlights of sports and I love watching sports. My two GIFs should be enjoyable to watch because I chose two great plays by two different athletes in two different sports. I learned a lot from Design Assignments because I never really made any type of designs on the computer until this class. I feel like my photoshop skills got better from doing this weeks design assignments. If I would do anything differently I would do The Daily Creates towards the beginning of the week so I have more time to focus on the other assignments. I don’t have any questions after this week. A larger issue maybe surrounding my work relates to the sports world. For instance in my GIFs if you disagree with Michael Jordan being the greatest basketball player ever then I would tell you that you don’t know basketball then. Also, if you don’t think Beckham’s catch was the greatest ever I think you’re crazy and I want you to show me a better and more difficult catch.

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I really enjoyed all the design assignments. Some were harder than others but everyone was different and fun.

GIF Assignments

Greatest Catch Ever GIF

Michael Jordan Game Winner GIF

The GIFs were my favorite assignments this week.


Reflection On The Vignelli Cannon

The Daily Create

Grumpy Neighbor’s Dog

Love In The Grocery Store

Walk In The Park

My Room

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Week One Summary

This week went rough. While everything was fun, creative, and new I had the hardest time trying to set up my blog and the website was confusing. I’m still trying to iron out some kinks. I enjoyed editing photos for the visual assignments and the TDC is a great way to keep us on our toes. Throughout the week I learned a lot about the virtual world, especially when it comes to editing. A simple edit can change an entire story behind an image, and that baffles me. If I could change anything about this week I would have a magical genie to set up my blog page perfectly for me so all I had to do was pick a cool color for my backdrop. I truly struggled with formatting of the pages inside the blog.

What I need help on:

  • How do you organize the posts so they are posted into the appropriate page and not the home page?
  • Posting to specific pages in my blog not the homepage.

I only centered by first week of blogging on one real larger issue and that was the legalization of marijuana. Most of my posts were pretty lighthearted and sarcastic, but just scratching the surface. The one post I created on the legalization of marijuana was meant to further the opportunities such a thing could offer such as effecting how society will vote in elections and it could boost the economy if legalized.

I hope I was able to complete everything in the correct format, if not please leave feedback on what I could improve or just needs to be changed. Looking forward to another week of creativity!


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