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Week 4 Summary

Week 4 Summary:

I feel this week went by pretty quick and that I completed all the assignments very well. The only thing that gave me trouble was on my second video assignment about making highlights of your favorite actor/actress. The requirements for time seemed to be not enough for what I wanted to do so I ended up going a little over one minute. I enjoyed the first video assignment most because it was enjoyable picking highlights of Blake Griffin. I learned how to make videos and how to save and edit preexisting YouTube videos. The only thing I wish I did differently was start early this week but I was out of town on Monday and Tuesday. As of now I have no questions. One larger issue surrounding my work might be how people can be influence by watching videos. They can influence how people view the world and can change their thoughts about things. Like watching the news can influence you in taking action into something when you normally wouldn’t do something.

Reading Movies:

  1. Reading Movies


The first reading by Ebert taught me that the placement of a character on the screen helps the audience develop a theory of what the relationships are and what is happening between the lines spoken by actors. The second part of the assignment consisted of watching two videos. The first was a clip of Alfred Hitchcock demonstrating how film cuts could change how we view a character, even if the only thing affected is the middle scene. He used a clip made of two close-ups, one of a man and the other of a woman. Originally, the woman is holding a child so when the screen flips to his facial expression and he smiles it creates one feeling in the audience. However when we exchange the woman for one in a bikini but keep the same final image of his face, the audience gets an entirely different feeling of the man. The second clip demonstrated how one-view perspectives affect an audience and can make them feel like they are part of the movie they are watching.

Look, Listen Analyze Assignment

  1. Look Listen Analyze

Summary: For this assignment I picked the scene from Bruce Almighty. We had to watch the scene three times, the fist time without sound, second time just audio, and the third with both. This scene was about Bruce controlling Evan to do weird stuff while broadcasting on live TV. When minimizing one aspect of the video it was hard to tell what was going on. With both aspects you really get to enjoy the video and without one part it really takes away from the scene.

Video Assignments

  1. Blake Griffin Highlights

Summary: For this video assignment I had to make a video of highlights of my favorite athlete. I have a few favorite athletes but I decided to use Blake Griffin because almost every play he’s involved in is a highlight. He’s an incredible dunker and he’s not afraid to dunk over anyone. Even in college he was a powerful dunker but no one thought he was going to be able to dunk like he did in college in the NBA. He one the dunk contest that he played in but hasn’t done one since. Everyone wants to see him in one again because of the dunks he’s able to do in this video.

  1. Steve Carell Funny Moments

Summary: For this video assignment I had to make a video of highlights of my favorite actor or actress. When I read this I knew right away I was going to use Steve Carell for my video. He’s in both my favorite TV show and movie. In The Office he plays the role of the Manager. He shows us how not to run an office or company. During the show he’s the only one not getting anything done because he’s to busy goofing off. In Anchorman he plays the role of the weatherman. In both the movies he’s very dumb but everything he does or says is funny.

The Daily Create

  1. Photobomber

Summary: For this daily create I had to write a short story using as many new words that got added to the Oxford Dictionary. I used this Full List of new words added in June 2015 to create my story. I italicize my words that I used in my blog post and I ended up using six different words in my short story. I centered my story on a photobomber, which is a word from the list, and I just went from there looking for words I could use in the story.

  1. Hyperbolic Tiling

Summary: For this daily create I had to create a hyperbolic tile. I used a site they recommended Make your Own Hyperbolic Tiling, which allowed me to choose the border design and thee background color. Then I uploaded my rainbow image that I found on Google into the hyperbolic tile. I let the image spin around the tile for a few moments until I liked how it turns out and I clicked the stop button. I saved the image and uploaded it to Flickr. Finally, I then embedded into my blog post.

  1. Minions

Summary: For this daily create we had to draw a movie poster using markers. I decided to do the movie Minions. They’re easy to draw and they’re funny. I just saw the movie last night in the theater. I uploaded my picture to Flickr then I embedded it into my blog post.
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Summary of comments: Looking at everyone else’s blog posts you get to see a different perspective of other people’s work. I like how almost everyone did the hyperbolic tilings. They are all so different by the way they’re designed and the colors that were used. It was nice to see everyone’s videos as well because they were all nicely done and you get to see what other people’s interests are.  It’s also helpful to see what steps they took in completing each assignment.

Create two Tutorials

  1. Tutorial Blog Post: Tutorial #1: Celebrating Too Early (2 Stars)

Summary: This tutorial is for an animated GIF assignment. You have to make a GIF about someone celebrating too early. This tutorial is a step-by-step process of how to make this GIF using Youtube and Make a GIF. I used screenshot to make it easy to follow as well I cropped them out to make them more focused on what I want people to see.

Tutorial #1: Celebrating Too Early (2 Stars)

Tutorial #1: Celebrating Too Early (2 Stars)

Description of Assignment: “Make a GIF when someone celebrates too early. You can use Make A GIF or any software to help you trim the video that you find into a five second or less GIF. Make sure you embed your GIF into your blog post.”

My Completed Assignment: Nick Young Hits The Three… Oh Wait Nevermind

Step 1: First you have to find a video on Youtube that you think is a good fit for this assignment.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.23.36 AM

Step 2. Once you found your video go to Make A GIF and you should see this screen. Click on the second icon which is the Youtube icon. If you have your own video you can upload that as well you will just have to click on the corresponding icon to upload your file.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.23.44 AM

Step 3. Copy the URL from your Youtube video you found and paste it into this step and click load video.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.24.12 AM

Step 4. Pick your start and end time. The GIF maximum time can only be five seconds so choose a good start time you might want to start the video in the middle of the original video. You can change the title of your GIF in this step as well and you can also add tags. Make sure you include these tags- AnimatedGIFAssignments, AnimatedGIFAssignments1747, ds106

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.25.40 AM

Step 5. This is the last step of making this GIF assignment copy the URL and embed it into your blog post. Don’t forget to tell your story behind this assignment and your step by step process.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.26.26 AM

Reading Movies

After reading Roger Ebert’s article, “How to Read a Movie” I started mentally analyzing any movie I had ever watched, wondering if the rules he found from his extensive experience really held true. And it did! I had never analyzed a movie in the manner Ebert describes, but as I imagined my favorite scenes from movies I saw that his positive-negative trend held true as did the various movements he describes. Another concept I found intriguing was the “Rule of Thirds” because I never noticed how a slight displacement of a character changes how we feel watching the film because of the way we understand the scene unfolding.

Next, I watched several clips. The first, “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis” demonstrates how a pure cinematics works. His demonstration uses a clip of a mans expression when he sees a woman holding a child and them exchanges the clip of a woman holding a child to a woman in a bikini, the mans facial expression is not edited. He explains how when we see the man smile from looking at the child we define him as a sympathetic, kind character. However, when the central clip is exchanged and the mans expression is still the same we describe him as a “dirty old man” instead of the gentleman of before. This helps us understand how film generates ideas in the minds of the audience using societal cues.

The second clip I watched, One-Point Perspectives by Kubrick, is a string of various clips from films showing a literal one-point of view for the viewer, they are all images of things seen from only one angle. For example, there is a image of a firing squad about to shoot three criminals (assumed), but we see it only from the view of the firing squad, not from the view of the criminals about to be shot at. This video demonstrates how the use of film creation technique makes the audience feel as though a character is directly talking to them, like they are following a character down a hallway, or even make them feel like they are part of the film. It makes the audience almost fall into a trance, whether they are following the main character into a room they suspect holds a threat or as if they are in control of a line of militia about to kill criminals.

Look, Listen, Analyze

Look, Listen, Analyze

Analyze the camera work: The camera in this scene switches to three different views. One, of the broadcasters which seems to be the main focus of the scene. Two, the workers who are working behind the scenes like the camera guy, the sound people, and the director. Three, a person who seems to somehow controlling one of the broadcasters and the set. He’s able to type different things onto the prompt without an actual keyboard.The broadcaster then starts to mimic everything he does. The lighting seems normal, or as expected it would be since the scene occurs in a newsroom. There are focal lights on the broadcasters, minimal lighting in the control room, and a similar, if not darker lighting in the scene around the man manipulating the broadcaster.

Analyze the audio track: The scene of the broadcasters seems like its a normal broadcast until the guy broadcaster starts make these strange and unusual noises. He drinks some water and coughs and everything seems all better. But things start to get worse he starts to fart uncontrollably. He starts back again when he try’s to talk but he can’t and he starts makes all these weird noises again. There’s no background music except at the very beginning of the scene when the news starts. No really sound effects just the broadcaster making weird noises.

Put it all together: While watching the video with sound I notice why they switched angles when they did. You can tell what Bruce is doing in the background since he’s not talking but the broadcaster is doing everything he does. It’s defiantly better with both elements than just one since you using two senses and not just one.

Ebert’s Themes: While watching this using techniques of film reading, you can notice the rules clearly placed. The scene begins with one man pushing a mail cart outside a room displaying the news at the station he works. He walks across the stage from the right and finally rests on the left, on the negative, weak axis. You can also see another trend, as the broadcaster is centered on by the camera he is centered and as Ebert said, it looks like a mugshot. We also see that, the background is much less emphasized, and even blurred out in comparison to the foreground– as Ebert explained occurs. A major visual aspect shown here that is reviewed by Ebert is the camera angle, it drops dramatically when the character manipulating the broadcaster starts changing the prompter without the use of a camera– giving him a god complex. If you’ve ever seen the movie the clip is from, the character is supposed to actually be God so that camera movement exaggerates that.

Steve Carell Funny Moments

Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel (3 Stars)

Description of Video Assignment: “Create a 30 to 60 second highlight reel of your most enjoyable movie scenes from your favorite Actor/Actress.”

The Story

Steve Carell has always been one of my favorite actors. He plays the boss of my favorite TV show The Office. He plays the perfect role of how not to run an office or company. He plays the weatherman in Anchorman 1 and 2, which is also my favorite movie. He plays a role of a very dumb weatherman but the stuff he does is really funny. Like in Anchorman 2 they were having a funeral for him because they thought he got last at sea but he shows up to it and speaks at his own funeral crying how much he’s going to miss himself.

The Process, Narrated

To create this assignment I had to first download Clipgrab which allowed me to save videos off Youtube onto my computer. Once I saved all the videos I wanted to use I starting to trim the videos using Quicktime on my mac. I would trim the video and save it on my desktop. When I had all my trim clips I then used iMovie on my mac to put all the clips together into one video. I used powerpoint to create the beginning intro and uploaded it to the video in the intro section. iMovie made it easy to insert the video and introduction because it had a preset slot for everything.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 2.08.56 PM

Then I uploaded the video to Youtube and embedded it into my blog post.


Blake Griffin Highlights

Highlight Reels (5 Stars)

Description of Video Assignment: “Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athlete, set it to some music, and add an intro.”

The Story

Blake Griffin is one of my favorite NBA players. He plays for the Los Angeles Clippers but I first became a fan of his when he was in college at Oklahoma University. He was such a great college player. His dunking ability was as good back then as it is now. I remember one game in college he jump so high while dunking it he hit his head against the backboard and got a black eye. But, all the highlights I chose to do of him are NBA highlights because I feel he’s dunking the same way as he always has now he’s doing it against better players.

The Process, Narrated

To create this assignment I had to first download Clipgrab which allowed me to save videos off Youtube onto my computer. Once I saved all the videos I wanted to use I starting to trim the videos using Quicktime on my mac. I would trim the video and save it on my desktop. When I had all my trim clips I then used iMovie on my mac to put all the clips together into one video. I used powerpoint to create the beginning intro and uploaded it to the video in the intro section. The last thing I added to the video was the background music from my iTunes. iMovie made it easy to insert the video, introduction, and the music because it had a preset slot for everything. Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 1.19.52 PM

Then I uploaded the video to Youtube and embedded it into my blog post.



Week 4 Daily Create 1 (7/15)

Meh, Cisgender, Jeggings and other words: The Daily Create 1284 (7/15)

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The photobomber was actually carnapping our neighbors car. He was dressed kind of fratty. The neighbor called the cops and they arrested the guy the next day at a local store trying to steal a Blu-Ray player. Now the thief has gone away to jail and all he will be doing is drinking H20 and sitting in the jail cell.