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Week 3 Summary

Week 3 Summary:

Week 3 wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I feel I completed all the assignments very well. The Audio Assignments probably gave me the most trouble this week because this was the first time I have done something like this on a computer. It was hard to find which ones I like and how to record and edit your recordings. My favorite thing this week was the hand and paper drawing Daily Create. It was kind of cool to see that most people completed it and all the different ideas people had for that assignment. I learned this week a lot of different audio techniques you can use to tell your story. From this week I actually don’t think I would do differently because I feel very confident in the assignments I completed. As of now I don’t have any questions to ask either. I can’t think of any larger issues surrounding my work unless you count how hard it is to find a good story anymore and how important it is for storytellers to draw their listeners in by using different techniques.

Audio Storytelling

  1. Audio Storytelling Summary

Summary: The main thing I learned from Ira Glass is that by using an anecdote when telling a story even the most boring topic can become exciting to the listeners. It’s more like a cause and effect story instead of starting with a topic sentence. Glass when telling his stories makes its suspenseful even when it’s not a suspenseful story. From Jad Abumrad I learned that the goal of radio is to connect to the listeners and have them image what they’re hearing into images. He also believes radio will never die.

Radio Story

  1. Summary of the radio story

Summary: The radio story I listen to was How I Got Into College. I enjoyed some audio techniques the storyteller used but some I didn’t. The music and sound effects really distracted me while listening to this story. While on the other hand I really enjoyed the different tones the storyteller used telling the story. I just hope next time he won’t use background music because it didn’t really connect with me.

Audio Assignments

  1. Guess This Song!

Summary: For this assignment we had to post are favorite sing without the lyrics and see if anyone could guess it correctly. My song that I chose tends to be a song girls listen to more than guys. I heard it on the radio one summer and I listen to it pretty much for the rest of that summer. I still hear it the song sometimes but not that often anymore, but it’s still one of my favorite songs.

  1. My Order

Summary: For this assignment we had to make an order at a restaurant in any accent we wanted as well we had to be as picky as we could. I decided to try to use a Middle Eastern accent but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I thought I was able to be picky without giving the worker time to put all those special requests in. I was able to use audacity for this whole assignment and I just saved it as a audio recording so it would let me embed it into the post.

The Daily Create

  1. Handwriting (7/06)

Summary: This Daily Create was to pen a tweet. You had to write down the tweet on paper take a picture of it and tweet it. It was suppose to be on pen a tweet day but we missed it and it was a couple days late. The topic was about handwriting and my tweet asked if handwriting would worsen with stress, I chose this because I feel like when I’m stressed I write quicker but at the same time my handwriting gets sloppier.

  1. Shark Bait (7/08)

Summary: This Daily Create was a hand and paper drawing; this means I had to draw a small picture on paper and incorporate one finger on my hand into the image. I decided to draw a shark about to attack a human. First, I drew just a shark fin and half of a person panicking since the other half would be under water. On my finger I drew waves so when I took the picture of them together it looked like a shark in the ocean swimming after a person.

  1. My House (7/09)

Summary: This Daily Create was a basic element drawing. We had to draw a picture by just using five different elements that included: circles, triangles, squares, lines, and dots. I decided to draw a picture of my house including the background. I was able to incorporate every element and some elements I was able to use more than once. The trees and bushes were a little difficult because I wanted to include branches so I had to use lines for them.

  1. Two Moons (7/12)

Summary: This Daily Create was called Franklin drinker’s dictionary inspiration. We had to draw a picture from one of the phrases in Franklin Drinker’s Dictionary. I chose the two moons because I thought it would look cool in the background of Tun Tavern, Franklins favorite place to drink and relax.
Comments on other people’s blog post

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  3. Court’s View: Where Great Minds get to work and Eagles soar!
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  5. Words of a Wineo: Death Haiku

Summary of comments:

From viewing and commenting on other people’s blog post I got a different view of other people’s processes on the approach of their assignments. For The Daily Create on 7/09 I notice a few other people drew a house for this assignment. From listening to an assignment on Court’s View I like how she incorporated a sound affect into her cheesy commercial. It was a good audio technique that helps tell her story and it kind of catches you off guard.

Make two Assignments

  1. Design Assignment: Customize A Pair Of Shoes (3 Stars)

Summary: For this design assignment I created, you need to customize your own pair of shoes. First, you have to find a pair of shoes that you want to customize and then save that picture to create a “before” picture. Next, you can use any software or site you want to in order to customize the shoes. You have to make sure that there were no original colors visible by the end of the edit, so it might be easier to pick an all white shoe. Once you finish customizing the shoe you have to put the original picture as the “before” and the new shoe as the “after” so we can see the difference. Once you have the final picture make sure you embed the picture into your post.

  1. AnimatedGIF Assignments: Celebrating Too Early (2 Stars)

Summary: For this animated GIF assignment I created, you have to make a GIF of someone celebrating too early. You can use any software or site to make this assignment but I recommend using Make a GIF to easily make your GIF. I used Youtube to upload my video to Make a GIF and it allowed me to change the start and end time and to add tags. Once you finish making the GIF make sure you embed the GIF to your post.

My Order

May I Take Your Order?

Description of Assignment: “Using your best accent (whether it be Australian, British or southern, ect), pretend you are at McDondalds and order something off of their menu. Be picky! For example, a coke with no ice.”

The Story

One day me and my friends went to McDonald’s and we knew the person who was taking our order. He was one of our good friends so we wanted to mess with him. I wanted to be funny so I decided to be picky and use a Middle Eastern accent. He had a hard time keeping up so after I told him I was just joking and order normally. After he got off work I hung out with him and he told me how bad my accent was.

The Process, Narrated

I first planned out my order and decided to use a Middle Eastern accent. I made sure my order was very picky. For this assignment I used Audacity to record my McDonald’s order. Once I finished the recording I saved it as a audio recording so it would let me embed the recording into this post.


Summary of the radio story

Episode 504: How I got Into College

In this audio story on the radio, they used different audio techniques to help convey the story. The first thing I notice listening to the story was the music in the background. I felt like the music didn’t really help in telling the story I felt like it was more of a distraction. It didn’t help draw me into the story. The second thing I notice which I thought help tell the story was the different dialogue that was recorded from college students answering questions from someone interviewing them. It gave a different voice then just the storyteller the entire time and some things the storyteller could relate to. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was the sound effects in the background while they were talking. I thought it was distracting from what the person was talking about. The last technique I notice was the different tones he used throughout the story and I felt this helped understand and enjoy the story more. I feel like I get drawn into the story more when people use this technique. Two things I wish they did differently is not use any sound affects at all because I think the story would have been told better without them or maybe if the storyteller had a conversation with himself so he could reflect on himself and not just other people.

Guess this song!

Favorite Song (1 and 1/2 Stars)

Description of Assignment: “Take your favorite song. Remove the lyrics. Play only up to thirty seconds of the song. Listener must be able to guess.”


The Story

If you guess this song right you might think it’s a little to girly for me but its one my favorite songs still. The first time I heard this song was on the radio a three summers ago. I didn’t like it at first but I kept on hearing almost everyday on the radio. After a couple of times of hearing this song I starting remember the lyrics and I would sing along. My friends would make fun of me if they were in the car and I didn’t change the station when it came on the radio. I don’t really listen to this song that much anymore but I still like it when I hear it on the radio every now and then.

The Process, Narrated

For this assignment I first found the song without lyrics I wanted to do on Youtube. Next, I played the song and started to record it on audacity. I stopped recording once I got to thirty seconds worth of the song that I wanted. I cut out the beginning so the main part of the song was playing for the longest. I screenshot it on audacity so you could see what I’m talking about. Next I saved it and uploaded it onto Soundcloud. I change the title to Guess this song and added the appropriate tags.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.16.55 PM

Audio Storytelling Summary

Ira Glass on This American Life

While watching part 1 of Ira Glass’ series on storytelling, I learned that by using an anecdote when telling a story even the most boring topic can become exciting to the listeners. Basically, an anecdote is a version of storytelling in which the story becomes a sequence of events instead of a basic topic sentence, it’s more like a cause-and-effect storyline. Glass uses an example of a stupendously boring story of a man waking up to a quiet house. Yet, instead of saying, “the man woke to a quiet house” he uses more suspenseful phrases such as, “its unusually quiet as he walks down the stairs.” As he says, we start our stories with an action and bait to raise questions in the mind of the listener then later answering them to give shape to the story to keep the listener entertained. He states that we have multiple basic building blocks, the anecdote and the moment of reflection in the mind of the reader. An important thought from the video is that a story is only worthwhile if the anecdote is interesting while also having an equally exciting moment of reflection making the story worthwhile.

In watching part 2 of Ira Glass’ video on storytelling I learned how difficult and time consuming finding a decent story and that it’s our job as the storyteller to have the courage to kill a story. We also have to be, as he says, ruthless with a story to find the good parts of it and to remove the excess. He also says that we have to accept failure because a lot of what we work on will not always turn out in our favor.

Jad Abumrad on Radiolab

In “How Radio Creates Emphaty” Abumrad opens with a statement of how much he loves television because of it’s visual aspect, but adores radio because it uses co-authorship to allow empathy to fill the gap he calls “picturelessness”. He explains that the goal of radio is to create a connection with the listeners using our voices to turn sound into images, which he thinks is why radio never dies.

Nick Young Hits the Three… Oh Wait Nevermind

My Created Assignment #2: Celebrating Too Early (2 Stars)

Description of Assignment: “Make a GIF when someone celebrates too early. You can use Make A GIF or any software to help you trim the video that you find into a five second or less GIF. Make sure you embed your GIF into your blog post.”


The Story

The Laker’s Nick Young has always been a player that’s been a little cocky. He loves to celebrate and talk smack to the opponents. But in this game vs. the Knicks he’s been a little extra cocky and has been celebrating after every shot. Then he took a long three pointer that everyone thought was going to go in. So Nick celebrates before the shot even goes in and he ends up missing it. When this happened he blew up the internet and tv. For that whole week you couldn’t watch ESPN or any sports show without seeing this bad highlight. This has to be one of the worst highlights I’ve seen and you can always get a good laugh from this play.

The Process, Narrated

For this assignment I knew right away I was going to use Nick Young for this assignment. He’s made a few mistakes like this in his young career. To make this GIF I first found a website called Make A GIF and it allowed me to easily make a GIF. Then, I uploaded my video from Youtube to the GIF. It allowed me to change how long the GIF was with a max of five seconds. It also allowed me to change where the start and end time was. For my GIF I picked to start at ten seconds and end at thirteen seconds. The site I used lets you pick form picture to GIF, Youtube to GIF, video to GIF, webcam to GIF, or upload a GIF you already made.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 1.54.30 PM

Nike LeBron 12s UMW Customized

My Created Assignment #1: Customize A Pair Of Shoes (3 Stars)

Description of Assignment: “Everyone likes to have a pair of shoes that are one of a kind. Customize a pair of shoes of your choosing. You can use photoshop or any website to edit shoes. To help me customize my Nike shoes I used but you can use any site you want. Make the two pictures into one you can do this with an app on the phone called Insta Picframes or any app you prefer. Then add the original shoes plus the “Before” text and add the new shoes plus the “After” text. I used Microsoft word to add the text with text boxes.”

Custom Shoes

The Story

I wanted a pair of Nike LeBron 12s but everyone I knew had them already. They’re my favorite basketball shoes by my favorite player LeBron James. So I decided to buy a pair of all white ones. Then I customize them with UMW colors so no one else would have a pair like me. Every time I wore them around campus people would give me compliments on my new shoes or ask where they could buy them but I would have to tell them they’re one of a kind.

The Process, Narrated

I started this assignment by picking the shoes I wanted to customize. I then found them on and it let me change the colors of the shoe. I then saved the original shoes and the customized shoes. I used the Insta Picframe app on my phone to make the pictures into one. I saved the picture and then added the “Before” and “After” text with Microsoft word by adding text boxes. I group everything together to form one image then saved it. Finally I added the picture to flickr with the tags.