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Week Two Summary

Week two was not as bad as the first week. I believe I completed all the assignments very well. Some of them took more time then others. The DesignBlitz took me the whole week and gave me the most trouble because I wanted to let the whole week past before I decided on my four photos. I defiantly enjoyed the GIF assignments the most because I got to look through highlights of sports and I love watching sports. My two GIFs should be enjoyable to watch because I chose two great plays by two different athletes in two different sports. I learned a lot from Design Assignments because I never really made any type of designs on the computer until this class. I feel like my photoshop skills got better from doing this weeks design assignments. If I would do anything differently I would do The Daily Creates towards the beginning of the week so I have more time to focus on the other assignments. I don’t have any questions after this week. A larger issue maybe surrounding my work relates to the sports world. For instance in my GIFs if you disagree with Michael Jordan being the greatest basketball player ever then I would tell you that you don’t know basketball then. Also, if you don’t think Beckham’s catch was the greatest ever I think you’re crazy and I want you to show me a better and more difficult catch.

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I really enjoyed all the design assignments. Some were harder than others but everyone was different and fun.

GIF Assignments

Greatest Catch Ever GIF

Michael Jordan Game Winner GIF

The GIFs were my favorite assignments this week.


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The Daily Create

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Rhythm: “Rhythm is the repetition or alternation of elements, often with defined intervals between them. Rhythm can create a sense of movement, and can establish pattern and texture. There are many different kinds of rhythm, often defined by the feeling it evokes when looking at it.”

This photo represents rhythm. I believe it follows the repetition and has defined intervals. It also uses the same pattern throughout the pillow. If the pillow was bigger so would the designs of each thing. The skiers give it a good sense of movement by the way their design to look like there going down a mountain and turning.


Color: “Color creates mood, draws attention to key elements. Good designs can use bold color or none at all (lack of color or monochrome makes a message too). What colors work well together? What methods of using color are more effective? What do saturate colors say as compared to pastels?”

I believe this photo represents color because it draws you in by the light color in the sky. By the sky being so dark the fireworks are a lot brighter. I took the photo a little late but it was suppose to be red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July. All three colors go well together especially on Independence Day.


Dominance: “Dominance relates to varying degrees of emphasis in design. It determines the visual weight of a composition, establishes space and perspective, and often resolves where the eye goes first when looking at a design.”

I believe this picture represents dominance by the way your eyes go directly to the shark fin. The light of the picture brings you directly into the middle picture and then you focus on the fin.


Unity: “The concept of unity describes the relationship between the individual parts and the whole of a composition. It investigates the aspects of a given design that are necessary to tie the composition together, to give it a sense of wholeness, or to break it apart and give it a sense of variety.”

This picture is hanging up in my living room and I believe it represents unity very well. Everything in the picture gives the sense of a nice family home. If its the yard, the weather, the tree, the flag, or just the house you really get the sense of wholeness in this picture.



This picture was taken of a pillow at my friend Cam’s house on Tuesday. I believe this pillow represents the idea of rhythm.


This picture was taken on the Fourth of July of a firework. I believe it represents color scheme.


This picture was taken last week when I was at the beach of a shark we saw. I believe it represents dominance.


This photo I took today of a picture hanging up in my house. I believe it represents unity very well.


Reflection on the Vignelli Cannon

For this assignment we had to read a book called Vignelli Cannon by Massimo Vignelli. Before I began I looked through how long the book was and realized that its going to take me awhile to read. But as I was reading I found it quick to read because it was really interesting. The author broke the book up into different sections based off topic he was talking about. I believe part one stood out more to me than part two. Part one talked about the intangibles. When Massimo was talking about discipline one line stood out to me that I really like which stated “Every detail is important because the end result is the sum of all the details involved in the creative process no matter what we are doing (pg 15).” I also learned a lot from the Equity category. When he was talking about companies logos changing I agree that the old one was what people are going to remember them as not the new one. I strongly agree when he says “When a logo has been in the public domain for more than fifty years it becomes a classic, a landmark, a respectable entity and there is no reason to throw it away and substitute it with a new concoction, regardless of how well it has been designed (pg 31).” Finally from this short book I feel like  i learned valuable knowledge that will not only help me in this digital storytelling class but in life when viewing and creating art.


The Ultimate Merger (4 and 1/2 Stars)

Description of Assignment:“Businesses merger together all the time (at least that’s what Mad Men has taught me). For this assignment create a logo in which you combine to famous logos. Humor is encouraged.”

The Story

In 2017 McDonald’s and Wendy’s were both losing business to each other. So the CEOs of both companies met in person to figure out if one of them could buy each other out. During the meeting neither of them could figure out a deal that work best. Finally one of them suggested a merger of the two companies. They worked out the details and it became official. They would be called McWendy’s and the logo above is a mash of both logos together. They would sell both McDonald’s and Wendy’s at the same location. They became the most profitable fast food chain in the world.

The Process, Narrated

For this assignment I first found the two logos McDonald’s and Wendy’s on Google Images. I then used to mix them together. I first uploaded the Wendy’s logo. I erased the W from Wendy’s and uploaded the McDonald’s M. I then flipped the M upside down so it spelled Wendy’s. I call it McWendy’s.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 3.46.22 PM

1 Movie 4 Icons: Guess the movie

One Story / Four Icons (2 and 1/2 Stars)

Description of Assignment:“This idea was first suggested by Tom Woodward and has been a long standing popular ds106 assignment. The assignment is to reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements, then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons, four of them. Write your blog post up but do not give away the answer, let people guess! The challenge is to find the icons that suggest the story, but do not make it so easy. For icons a great resource is The Noun Project.”



The Story

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I were watching this movie before we saw the new one in the movie theatre today.  She’s never seen the movie before so she was a little jumpy at some of the scenes.  It’s a science fiction movie and its very suspenseful. Watching the older ones as a little kid made me wish what was in the movie real! It was the first movie that scared me while I was watching it.

The Process, Narrated

I first started by picking a movie that I recently saw at the movie theatre. Next, I began downloading The Noun Project onto my computer.  It allowed me to search threw the many icons they had. When I found the four ones I wanted I dragged them over onto a word document. I then group the four images together and saved it as one image.

Who ate the last piece of cake?

This Assignment is Suspect! (3 Stars)

Description of Assignments: “Have you ever seen those crime shows that organize a case using a suspect board? Like Scandal or Blacklist? Well, that’s exactly what this assignment is. You will create a suspect board (or a board that connects different characters) to show interaction between the people. Feel free to add text, objects, and locations that connect to the people/characters to develop the story even more. Make sure that the board clearly shows how the pieces are connected, and in your post, explain the story behind it. A good example is one completed by Julia James using Microsoft Word by inserting text boxes and connecting them with lines.”

The Story

Today at three o’clock PM I notice that the last piece of chocolate cake was missing from my fridge. That was suppose to be my piece chocolate cake! I listed who was in the house at the time the cake was missing. There was my dog, a little baby, and my dad. I narrowed off my dog right away since he can’t open the fridge. Next I narrowed off the little baby since he can’t even walk yet. Finally, by process of elimination it had to be my dad. I confronted him about it and he ended up buying me ice cream since he ate my piece of cake.

The Process, Narrated

To create this assignment I used Microsoft word. I first found the suspect board background on Google and inserted it onto word. I also got the four pictures off google and inserted them onto the board. To add the text I inserted text boxes. Finally to be different I didn’t want to use arrows so I used a plus sign, two non-equal signs, and an equal sign. They were found in the shapes so it made it easy to insert them in. Lastly, I selected everything and grouped them all together to form one picture under format picture tab.

Love in the Grocery Store

Week 2 Daily Create #2 (7/02)

A Bad Photo Made Better: The Daily Create 1271 (7/02)

Twitter Tweet

Love in the Grocery Store

Today I chose to use the VJ Day Celebration in New York’s Times Square photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt and transform the old photo into a more modern photo of a grocery store aisle. The original photo occurs in the midst of a crowded city, sailors fresh off duty in the dress whites, trash on the ground as remittance of a celebration, and it is black and white. I implanted the photo in a modern cereal aisle of a grocery store for a comedic twist.

Love in the Grocery Store