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The Real Apocalypse

Color Changer (2 stars)


The Story

This photo illustrates the takeover of the United States and the world, by a new alien species in the year 2078. The alien species announced their arrival by changing the sky from the reassuring blue we once called normal to a bright crimson red. It all began on a day in July in 2078, the sky was clear and the sun was shining. Slowly the sky turned that day into this fearful red. The alien population descended from the sky, children and mothers were screaming and running, the military was too slow to react and the head alien, Kimosabi, killed Obama and the entire administration leaving the American people leaderless and helpless to their control.

The Process, Narrated

This began with after I watched half of a Star Wars movie. I googled an image of the US Capitol building and then saved it. Using I opened the image and adjusted the contrast and increased the red levels in the color balance to adjust the sky. I then uploaded the finalized image to Flickr and then to my blog.



Here Kitty, Kitty (3 stars)


The Story

 For this assignment, I wanted to think of the two strongest animals in the wild. So automatically, I chose the gorilla and the lion. Here is an image of what I think the two would look like if they were genetically capable of reproducing offspring. This new hybrid lives in the forests like its gorilla ancestors yet hunts in the grasslands like its lion ancestors. It has immense strength and lives in packs. It is fearless, and most feared in the wild. However, since the majority of the body is gorilla, it lacks the ability to blend with the tall grasses and is slower than the lions.

The Process, Narated

To create the image of a hybrid I needed to use a photoshop website called which is similar to adobe photoshop. First, I found gorilla and lion pictures via google and then created two layers in the workshop. I made the gorilla the background layer and edited the lion to make them mesh. I began by erasing the background of the lion picture to only have the head and mane remaining. Then, I moved the lion head to match the location of the gorilla head, desaturated the lion head to make it greyscale and merged the layers together to create a single image. I then saved the image, uploaded it to Flickr and then transferred it into my blog.

Puff, Puff, Pass this Law

Legalisation (3 stars)


The Story

Legalizing marijuana in the remaining of the United States should occur because it’s already legal in Colorado and Washington, it’s decriminalized in numerous states (including DC), and well… why not? This is something that could be used medically to treat various symptoms without risking addiction like other legal medications such as pain and ADD/ADHD medications. In addition, legalizing something that is used as a way of “going against the man” removes the feeling of being a rebel and could reduce harmful uses.

The Process, Narrated

Initially, I found the background image by searching Google. Then, I went to the website,, then uploaded the background image once it was saved to my computer. I was then able to add the words “Legalize Marijuana” to the image directly. I then saved the image again to my computer to be uploaded to


It All Comes Down To This…

My Very Own Spubble (2 stars)

Your Very Own Spubble

The Story

Every year my family ventures into Glyndon, MD for the Fourth of July. Dozens of family members join together to partake in a multitude of activities, amongst  the most competitive are my father and I. Each year there is a homemade mini golf course, a Wiffle ball game, and an intense game of egg toss for the extended family to compete in. The winner of the final egg toss game received bragging rights until the next year. This photograph captures a moment in that historically competitive game this past year. It was down to three pairs. At this point in the game each pair must go one at a time to increase the stress of a simple toss. My cousins, Alex and Ben, were first to toss their egg the 20 yard distance and luckily Alex was overthrown and the egg burst on impact. It was down to my dad and I. My cousin, Jordy, and I were up first; a perfect toss gave us a definite spot in the next round, and possibly the game. My uncle and father were the ultimate partners, they had a stellar record from previous years. This photograph captures the exact moment before my dad caught the egg, but it broke in his hand.

The Process, Narrated

This project began with my research into photograph editing apps that led me to the discovery of an app called “Bubblee”. This app was able to access my photo-bank on my phone which allowed me to select a specific photo for editing. Once the photo was selected I was able to drag-and-place a speech bubble anywhere on the image. The speech bubble has a automatic setting to change the size of the font in the bubble to fit. I then typed in the quote I wanted in the bubble and then saved it to my photos. Finally, I transferred it to Flickr via an upload from my phone and then placed it into this assignment.