Week two was not as bad as the first week. I believe I completed all the assignments very well. Some of them took more time then others. The DesignBlitz took me the whole week and gave me the most trouble because I wanted to let the whole week past before I decided on my four photos. I defiantly enjoyed the GIF assignments the most because I got to look through highlights of sports and I love watching sports. My two GIFs should be enjoyable to watch because I chose two great plays by two different athletes in two different sports. I learned a lot from Design Assignments because I never really made any type of designs on the computer until this class. I feel like my photoshop skills got better from doing this weeks design assignments. If I would do anything differently I would do The Daily Creates towards the beginning of the week so I have more time to focus on the other assignments. I don’t have any questions after this week. A larger issue maybe surrounding my work relates to the sports world. For instance in my GIFs if you disagree with Michael Jordan being the greatest basketball player ever then I would tell you that you don’t know basketball then. Also, if you don’t think Beckham’s catch was the greatest ever I think you’re crazy and I want you to show me a better and more difficult catch.

Week 2 Links 


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Design Assignments


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I really enjoyed all the design assignments. Some were harder than others but everyone was different and fun.

GIF Assignments

Greatest Catch Ever GIF

Michael Jordan Game Winner GIF

The GIFs were my favorite assignments this week.


Reflection On The Vignelli Cannon

The Daily Create

Grumpy Neighbor’s Dog

Love In The Grocery Store

Walk In The Park

My Room

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