For this assignment we had to read a book called Vignelli Cannon by Massimo Vignelli. Before I began I looked through how long the book was and realized that its going to take me awhile to read. But as I was reading I found it quick to read because it was really interesting. The author broke the book up into different sections based off topic he was talking about. I believe part one stood out more to me than part two. Part one talked about the intangibles. When Massimo was talking about discipline one line stood out to me that I really like which stated “Every detail is important because the end result is the sum of all the details involved in the creative process no matter what we are doing (pg 15).” I also learned a lot from the Equity category. When he was talking about companies logos changing I agree that the old one was what people are going to remember them as not the new one. I strongly agree when he says “When a logo has been in the public domain for more than fifty years it becomes a classic, a landmark, a respectable entity and there is no reason to throw it away and substitute it with a new concoction, regardless of how well it has been designed (pg 31).” Finally from this short book I feel like  i learned valuable knowledge that will not only help me in this digital storytelling class but in life when viewing and creating art.