Episode 504: How I got Into College

In this audio story on the radio, they used different audio techniques to help convey the story. The first thing I notice listening to the story was the music in the background. I felt like the music didn’t really help in telling the story I felt like it was more of a distraction. It didn’t help draw me into the story. The second thing I notice which I thought help tell the story was the different dialogue that was recorded from college students answering questions from someone interviewing them. It gave a different voice then just the storyteller the entire time and some things the storyteller could relate to. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was the sound effects in the background while they were talking. I thought it was distracting from what the person was talking about. The last technique I notice was the different tones he used throughout the story and I felt this helped understand and enjoy the story more. I feel like I get drawn into the story more when people use this technique. Two things I wish they did differently is not use any sound affects at all because I think the story would have been told better without them or maybe if the storyteller had a conversation with himself so he could reflect on himself and not just other people.