My Created Assignment #1: Customize A Pair Of Shoes (3 Stars)

Description of Assignment: “Everyone likes to have a pair of shoes that are one of a kind. Customize a pair of shoes of your choosing. You can use photoshop or any website to edit shoes. To help me customize my Nike shoes I used but you can use any site you want. Make the two pictures into one you can do this with an app on the phone called Insta Picframes or any app you prefer. Then add the original shoes plus the “Before” text and add the new shoes plus the “After” text. I used Microsoft word to add the text with text boxes.”

Custom Shoes

The Story

I wanted a pair of Nike LeBron 12s but everyone I knew had them already. They’re my favorite basketball shoes by my favorite player LeBron James. So I decided to buy a pair of all white ones. Then I customize them with UMW colors so no one else would have a pair like me. Every time I wore them around campus people would give me compliments on my new shoes or ask where they could buy them but I would have to tell them they’re one of a kind.

The Process, Narrated

I started this assignment by picking the shoes I wanted to customize. I then found them on and it let me change the colors of the shoe. I then saved the original shoes and the customized shoes. I used the Insta Picframe app on my phone to make the pictures into one. I saved the picture and then added the “Before” and “After” text with Microsoft word by adding text boxes. I group everything together to form one image then saved it. Finally I added the picture to flickr with the tags.