My Created Assignment #2: Celebrating Too Early (2 Stars)

Description of Assignment: “Make a GIF when someone celebrates too early. You can use Make A GIF or any software to help you trim the video that you find into a five second or less GIF. Make sure you embed your GIF into your blog post.”


The Story

The Laker’s Nick Young has always been a player that’s been a little cocky. He loves to celebrate and talk smack to the opponents. But in this game vs. the Knicks he’s been a little extra cocky and has been celebrating after every shot. Then he took a long three pointer that everyone thought was going to go in. So Nick celebrates before the shot even goes in and he ends up missing it. When this happened he blew up the internet and tv. For that whole week you couldn’t watch ESPN or any sports show without seeing this bad highlight. This has to be one of the worst highlights I’ve seen and you can always get a good laugh from this play.

The Process, Narrated

For this assignment I knew right away I was going to use Nick Young for this assignment. He’s made a few mistakes like this in his young career. To make this GIF I first found a website called Make A GIF and it allowed me to easily make a GIF. Then, I uploaded my video from Youtube to the GIF. It allowed me to change how long the GIF was with a max of five seconds. It also allowed me to change where the start and end time was. For my GIF I picked to start at ten seconds and end at thirteen seconds. The site I used lets you pick form picture to GIF, Youtube to GIF, video to GIF, webcam to GIF, or upload a GIF you already made.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 1.54.30 PM