The Ultimate Merger (4 and 1/2 Stars)

Description of Assignment:“Businesses merger together all the time (at least that’s what Mad Men has taught me). For this assignment create a logo in which you combine to famous logos. Humor is encouraged.”

The Story

In 2017 McDonald’s and Wendy’s were both losing business to each other. So the CEOs of both companies met in person to figure out if one of them could buy each other out. During the meeting neither of them could figure out a deal that work best. Finally one of them suggested a merger of the two companies. They worked out the details and it became official. They would be called McWendy’s and the logo above is a mash of both logos together. They would sell both McDonald’s and Wendy’s at the same location. They became the most profitable fast food chain in the world.

The Process, Narrated

For this assignment I first found the two logos McDonald’s and Wendy’s on Google Images. I then used to mix them together. I first uploaded the Wendy’s logo. I erased the W from Wendy’s and uploaded the McDonald’s M. I then flipped the M upside down so it spelled Wendy’s. I call it McWendy’s.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 3.46.22 PM