Rhythm: “Rhythm is the repetition or alternation of elements, often with defined intervals between them. Rhythm can create a sense of movement, and can establish pattern and texture. There are many different kinds of rhythm, often defined by the feeling it evokes when looking at it.”

This photo represents rhythm. I believe it follows the repetition and has defined intervals. It also uses the same pattern throughout the pillow. If the pillow was bigger so would the designs of each thing. The skiers give it a good sense of movement by the way their design to look like there going down a mountain and turning.


Color: “Color creates mood, draws attention to key elements. Good designs can use bold color or none at all (lack of color or monochrome makes a message too). What colors work well together? What methods of using color are more effective? What do saturate colors say as compared to pastels?”

I believe this photo represents color because it draws you in by the light color in the sky. By the sky being so dark the fireworks are a lot brighter. I took the photo a little late but it was suppose to be red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July. All three colors go well together especially on Independence Day.


Dominance: “Dominance relates to varying degrees of emphasis in design. It determines the visual weight of a composition, establishes space and perspective, and often resolves where the eye goes first when looking at a design.”

I believe this picture represents dominance by the way your eyes go directly to the shark fin. The light of the picture brings you directly into the middle picture and then you focus on the fin.


Unity: “The concept of unity describes the relationship between the individual parts and the whole of a composition. It investigates the aspects of a given design that are necessary to tie the composition together, to give it a sense of wholeness, or to break it apart and give it a sense of variety.”

This picture is hanging up in my living room and I believe it represents unity very well. Everything in the picture gives the sense of a nice family home. If its the yard, the weather, the tree, the flag, or just the house you really get the sense of wholeness in this picture.