One Story / Four Icons (2 and 1/2 Stars)

Description of Assignment:“This idea was first suggested by Tom Woodward and has been a long standing popular ds106 assignment. The assignment is to reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements, then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons, four of them. Write your blog post up but do not give away the answer, let people guess! The challenge is to find the icons that suggest the story, but do not make it so easy. For icons a great resource is The Noun Project.”



The Story

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I were watching this movie before we saw the new one in the movie theatre today.  She’s never seen the movie before so she was a little jumpy at some of the scenes.  It’s a science fiction movie and its very suspenseful. Watching the older ones as a little kid made me wish what was in the movie real! It was the first movie that scared me while I was watching it.

The Process, Narrated

I first started by picking a movie that I recently saw at the movie theatre. Next, I began downloading The Noun Project onto my computer.  It allowed me to search threw the many icons they had. When I found the four ones I wanted I dragged them over onto a word document. I then group the four images together and saved it as one image.